‚ÄčFeng Shui Dreams

Elizabeth Barnes CFSP CFSS

Making dreams come true with Feng Shui

I found Feng Shui 20+ years ago in a book. When I tried some of the tips, my life improved...a lot. When I didn't pay attention or use Feng Shui, well, let's just say life didn't go as well. 7 years ago, I trained intensively and became a Certified Feng Shui Professional and Stager. I am registered and a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

If you are interested in and want to start using Feng Shui in your home and don't know where to start, the fact you're here right now is destiny, as I believe there's no such thing as coincidence! 

I can also Space Clear your home, this clears your home of any stuck or negative energies and is especially recommended when moving into a new home.

For estate agents and clients selling or wanting to sell a property, I provide Feng Shui staging, incorporating Feng Shui into the process elevating the property from a staged home, to a home staged with Feng Shui resulting in proven faster sales and higher market prices achieved. 

I am also super passionate about minimalising and organising and provide a full service with or without Feng Shui advice. 

I provide professional, confidential and friendly consultations where I can come to your home onsite or arrange a phone consultation.

I would love to help you and share with you Feng Shui tools, tips and techniques to help you change your life and make your dreams come true.

Follow your dreams and your

dreams will come true